New Horizons

This is Cougar Country… LITERALLY!

Cindy Stover in Cougar Country

Over the Labor Day weekend my husband and I, along with family and friends, had gone camping at Priest Lake, Idaho, more specifically Indian Creek Campground. This campground is on the eastern shore of Priest Lake in the Selkirk Mountains about 30 miles from the Canada – US border. Some of you might be familiar with this very popular campground....
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Summer Fun at Designer Decal

Designer Decal employees in kayaks

Recently several of our employees got together and went camping at a nearby lake. We had a great time hanging out and getting to see each other outside of work, as well as getting to know each other’s family members (and dogs.) We had a great time, as we all just relaxed and really enjoyed each other’s company. The weekend...
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To Laminate or Not To Laminate… That is the question.

designer decal employee laminating a product

So, you have decided you want to brand your newly created product or vehicle. Great! We are here to help you. We can take your concept idea and put it into action. One of the questions that we will have in designing this is: what elements will the decal or graphic be in? Or in other words, do we need...
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3 Leading Reasons Why Flat Stock Screen Printing is Not Dead!

Screen Printed Marquee

As you may know, screen printing has been around for over 100 years and is arguably the most versatile of all the printing processes. I have personally been in the screen printing industry for 20+ years and knew nothing about it when I started back in the 90’s. Today, I know quite a bit about the process and materials without...
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Designer Decal Participates in the Annual Fish & Chip Tournament

The Fish & Chip celebrity weekend is one of the Inland Northwest’s most unique and noteworthy non-profit fundraising events. Originally created by the Michael Roos Foundation in 2009, this one-of-a-kind two-day event has welcomed hundreds of guests from across the country and has had over 65 current NFL players as well as a few NFL legends participate. Our local city,...
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Giving Back to the Community

Mt Spokane HS Wildcats logo

This past summer it was time to upgrade one of our digital presses. Instead of selling the machine to one of our competitors, or scrapping it, we decided to give it to one of our local schools, Mt. Spokane High School. The school is an existing client of ours, as well as all of my kids have attended this high...
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The Spirit of Giving

Peace mug with hot cocoa

As always this time of year, all of us at Designer Decal begin to focus our attention on the holidays with our families, and on our community. Last year Designer Decal implemented a new program called Pay to Give for its employees encouraging us to spend a day volunteering for a local charity. It is often difficult to find the time...
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Making Memorable First Impressions with Vehicle Graphics

Example of partial van wrap

The concept of using your vehicle as a rolling billboard is not a new one, but vehicle graphics are still one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising your business. Fleet graphics compared to other advertising methods have the lowest cost-per-impression rate, and in high-traffic areas you can expect to rack up 30,000–70,000 views a day. Make YOUR Impression Memorable! Okay, so...
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