Cut Vinyl Lettering

Versatile Cut Vinyl Lettering, a Great Solution for Smooth Surfaces

Self-adhesive cut vinyl lettering is a great solution for nearly any smooth surface. It can be used for vehicle graphics, storefront windows, sign lettering and more! You get that “painted on” look with crisp, clean edges and a wide range of brilliant colors.

Cut vinyl lettering is a cost-effective way to advertise your business without a background to distract the attention of your customers from your message. Most typefaces are compatible for cut vinyl production, whether it’s bold, modern and trendy, or a script font. And you’re not limited to only one color! Colors can be layered together to make an even more dynamic statement.

Depending on your intended use, Designer Decal can help you choose the perfect product for your needs.

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  • Calendered vinyls are generally less expensive materials. The manufacturing process creates a slightly thicker vinyl (3- to 4-mil) which makes it a bit easier to work with on flat surfaces, but with slightly less durability over a length of time than cast vinyls.
  • Cast vinyls are usually thinner (1- to 2-mil) making them more conformable, perfect for vehicle graphics where it may be necessary to apply over complex curves. It is also guaranteed more durable over time, with colors showing a minimum of fading.
  • Reflective vinyls are formulated to be visible at night, illuminating when artificial light is cast on it making it the perfect solution for emergency vehicles and road signs. Premium grade reflective vinyls are designed for years of durability with a minimum of fading.
  • Dusted/Frosted Crystal vinyls are a great way to add a touch of class to any storefront window, creating a classy etched glass look. These vinyls are 2-mil cast vinyls with long-term durability specifically designed for use on windows and mirrors.

Your desired cut vinyl text and/or logo comes cut to shape, with correct spacing and a premask applied to ensure easy application. We offer full service 3M certified nationwide installation if required as well.

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