Parking Hangers

Designer Decal transforms a utilitarian product that conveys access to a parking lot or structure to a platform for your brand when we produce custom parking hangers. Our experienced creative team understands all the things that need to be considered before going into production with custom parking hangers; things that other less experienced graphics solutions providers would fail to think about.

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Custom Parking Hangers by an Experienced Team

When we produce custom parking hangers for you, we start by listening to understand your needs. Since we have years of experience producing custom parking hangers, we know what works and what doesn’t as well as what variations you should consider. Perhaps you would want to change colors to differentiate one year from the next or die cut the parking hanger into a different shape. Most likely our team will ask a question or propose an idea that you might not have considered yet such as your requirements for sequentially numbering the parking hangers or printing rules or disclaimers on the back. Because we produce custom parking hangers in house, we have an assortment of colors and printing capabilities that cannot be matched.

Our System Sets Us Apart

Our exclusive Impact Plus SystemTM truly sets our full-service graphic solutions center apart from our competitors. As the only provider in the country with this process, you can be assured we will provide consistently better communications outcomes for you. We know the appropriate material to use for your custom parking hangers that won’t warp or crack from the damaging rays of the sun. Once we have your specifications, we use our state-of-the-art equipment to create the parking hanger your facility requires.

Our goal is to deliver a premium level of quality and service to you when you need a custom parking hanger or any other graphics solution.

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