Fleet Graphics

Designer Decal understands the logistics of working with fleet owners and their managers. Your fleet graphic lets your clients know who you are and what you have to offer. Our goal is to present your brand/product with a clean look to ensure success with your investment.

There are a number of different types of fleets. Do you have two vans or hundreds of trailers? You may need one or two branded at a time or a total rebrand of your fleet. We provide a fleet graphic that is long lasting and a timely turn around. We can provide installation anywhere in the country. Working with only Certified Installers we can provide a service from start to finish.

  • Trailer Graphics: trailers range from 28’ to 53’. Smooth with rivets is the most typical type of trailer. Imagine the thought of thousands of impressions a day looking at your product on the highway.
  • Box Truck Graphics: box trucks range from 16’ to 26’. These can have a FRP box or smooth with rivets. Box trucks have a variety of cabs for door decals. We’ll make sure to ask so you get the right info on your doors.
  • Car Wraps: seem to be the latest thing. If you’re looking to get noticed and make a statement this may be the way to go. Short term or long term, having the correct material will make a huge difference.
  • Van Wraps: if you have a delivery van and want people to see your product while making deliveries, van wraps are always a great choice. You get advertising on the go as you use your van for deliveries.
  • Service Trucks: Service trucks are seen everywhere. Having fleet graphics will get you noticed in the neighborhood or the office next door. More times than not they will call if and when they need your service due to the fleet graphic on the side of your service truck.
  • Emergency Vehicles Municipal facilities have standards that are required for their fleet graphics. Designer Decal will ensure that we create a fleet graphic to meet your requirements.

From a  full wrap digital image to computer-cut graphics. Our team will help you take your concept from design to production to installation. There are many different choices when it comes to materials and processes. That’s where working with Designer Decal you can count on us to make the right choices for your Fleet.

Printing processes are always evolving. We take the time to research and go to trade shows so that we have the advantage to purchase equipment to be competitive. Because of our own high standards, we make sure that we have equipment and processes to meet your needs. Be sure to look at the galleries and see the difference we can make to your fleet.

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