Emergency Vehicles

We understand that when it comes to emergency vehicles, safety is the top priority. Our emergency vehicle graphics are designed with public safety and simplicity in mind, creating a vibrant look which ensures day or night recognition. Whether your municipality needs emergency vehicle graphics or emergency vehicle wraps, we are here to find the right solution to fit your needs.

Designer Decal | City of Cheney Fire Department


At Designer Decal, we share your passion to make a difference and work with you to find the design that is in line with your branding requirements as well as communicates your safety presence in the community. Our collaborative approach allows you to combine your creative ideas with our industry expertise to produce an exceptional graphic.

We have specialized staff who work directly with safety agencies, giving us extensive knowledge and experience working with vehicles, designs and materials used in public safety.

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Here are just a few items that set our emergency vehicle graphics services apart from the competition:

  • Consistent Color Matching – At Designer Decal, we understand the need to rotate out emergency vehicles periodically. We keep a sample of every job we do so that the next time we run it, the colors match perfectly. That’s quality you can count on.
  • Variety of Printing Solutions – Because we have a variety of printing technologies on-site, we can provide you with the best printing solution without having to outsource the work.
  • Fast Service – Our highly efficient project management ensures a quick turnaround time on production. We are generally able to produce and install our vehicle graphics within one week.
  • High-Quality Materials – We use state-of-the-art digital printing and only the best materials to ensure that our graphics allow reflectivity to show through without losing color intensity. We also design and produce our graphics in a way that allows for easy installation.
  • Nationwide Installation Services – No matter where you are, we will make the process of installing your custom graphics a breeze. We coordinate with vetted installers nationwide to take pressure off of our clients, making installation easier than ever.
  • Custom Agency Design – Our emergency vehicle graphics are designed to meet the needs of each specific agency, whether it’s fire, EMS or security. We follow the branding guidelines of each municipal facility to guarantee client satisfaction.

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