At Designer Decal, we have produced decals, signage and graphics for walls, windows, fleets and more since 1972. Over the past four decades, we have worked with a huge variety of governmental departments, including law enforcement, emergency response, city governments and visitor bureaus. We work directly with our clients, using our experience to enhance their creative ideas while providing direction and education on the longevity and care of the graphics we produce.

We pay special attention to law agency graphic requirements and our meticulous workmanship ensures that your graphics will be up to code. We also provide wall and window graphics that demonstrate the valuable history of local governments and their positive effect on the well-being of citizens. We are your one-stop graphics solutions center for all government signage needs.

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Government Signage Products

We can produce graphics that satisfy a wide range of government signage needs including:

  • Architectural Signage: Our industry professionals have worked with a wide variety of agencies that require location, warning, departmental and personnel signage. We produce official use signs, public hearing and service signs, zoning graphics and directional signage designed to meet any agency’s needs.
  • Decals: Our decals can be made to fit any fleet or equipment needs, including records, warning labels, emergency and safety notices, inspection notices and visitor bureau decals.
  • Fleet and Vehicle Graphics: We have decades worth of experience working with police and fire departments, emergency personnel and visitor bureaus. Our fleet graphics are professional, built to last and designed to demonstrate the valuable role governmental agencies play in our society.
  • Wall Graphics: Our wall graphics show the current and historical importance of community involvement. We will work with your agency to produce wall graphics that celebrate your role in the community.
  • Window and Floor Graphics: Our window and floor graphics are designed for city governments and agencies that need window and door signage, a state seal or directional floor graphics.

We handle all stages of the graphics production process, including installation and handling. Unlike other decal companies, we don’t stop at delivering our graphics to your door; we make sure they look great and have seasoned professionals perform the installation so that your graphics will last.

All of our government signage is produced using high-quality materials that are designed to last no matter what the conditions. We can install on anything, whether it be wall, stairwell, floor or vehicle. Don’t let amateur decal companies handle your project – let the professionals at Designer Decal make sure that the job is done right!

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