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Designer Decal works with you to create decals and labels in any size, shape and quantity for any application. We use the highest quality print materials while providing top-notch customer service.

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Designer Decal opened in 1972 strictly as a screen-printing company specializing in Mfg/OEM decals. This process is one of the oldest known ways of printing and is still important today, and it is also the most cost effective for larger quantity printing. One advantage to a screen-printed decal is the thick coating of ink, which provides abrasion and chemical-resistant properties as well as fade resistance.

With printing technology constantly changing, Designer Decal has changed over the years as well. We incorporated a full-service digital department to produce beautiful full-color decals and also satisfy the demand for smaller quantities and quicker lead times.

Here are some materials commonly used to manufacture decals and labels:

  • VINYLS – Tough plastic films which can be applied to a wide variety of products. They can be applied to a curved surface and are also effective at covering minor surface irregularities. Commonly used for identification decals. These materials can also be DOMED, for an eye-catching dimensional look.
  • POLYESTER – Very strong plastic film which does not conform as well as vinyl, but offers little or no shrinkage. It also has a higher heat tolerance. Commonly used for double-sided decals.
  • POLYCARBONATE – Strong rigid plastic film with high-impact strength and excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. Commonly used for graphic overlays and faceplates.
  • REFLECTIVE VINYL – Plastic film coated with tiny glass beads that conforms to curved surfaces moderately well. Commonly used in the utility industry and vehicle graphics.
  • STATIC CLINGS – Used for temporary markings such as parking permits and removable decals.
  • PAPER – Used for labels in interior applications or for temporary outoodr markings. Commonly used for roll labels and sequentially numbered labels.

All of our decals and labels are custom made to your specifications for size, shape and application using our Impact Plus System. Materials are priced on the basis of durability and aesthetics.

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