Making Memorable First Impressions with Vehicle Graphics

By: Designer Decal

Example of partial van wrap

The concept of using your vehicle as a rolling billboard is not a new one, but vehicle graphics are still one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising your business. Fleet graphics compared to other advertising methods have the lowest cost-per-impression rate, and in high-traffic areas you can expect to rack up 30,000–70,000 views a day. Make YOUR Impression Memorable!

Okay, so that all sounds great! But how do you make sure that YOUR impression is the one that gets remembered?

We can recommend with confidence that the use of a memorable image on the side of your vehicle can and will make that lasting impression so vital to the growth of your company. To choose a memorable image, the first thing to think about is your customer. What is the message you wish to convey to your customer, and perhaps even more importantly, what is the emotion you hope your customer feels when they see your message?

Many people associate the word “wrap” with full vehicle coverage, but this is not always the most effective method. Which van are you most likely to remember?

van graphic layout comparison


Let’s face it, we pass hundreds of vehicles in our daily commutes with cut vinyl graphics on them, perhaps consisting of a logo and a bit of contact information in a solid color or two. It’s clean, simple, and fairly inexpensive…. but is it memorable? A successful campaign begins with the overall sense of emotion you wish to convey to a potential customer. The van I notice is the one with the happy little girl relaxing on what appears to be a healthy, soft, and vibrant lawn. Now I want my lawn to look like that because I want to be that happy and comfortable too! And now I’m looking for the phone number to call.

Now imagine adding a different image to the other side of the van. Obviously no one can view both sides of the van at the same time. As this van travels around the city being seen from one side or the other, it is basically creating the illusion that it is two vans. Double the impressions! Now that’s a smart investment.

How to use this information

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Now is the time to promote your business with vehicle graphics.

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