Safety & Warning Signs

Designer Decal is a leading manufacturer of safety and warning decals, meeting ANSI Z535 and OSHA guidelines for material performance and graphic layout. Our ability to manufacture on a wide variety of substrates including fiberglass, raw aluminum, white baked enamel, polyethylene, solar grade polycarbonate and porcelain, suit many applications. All materials are available with an optional reflective background. Custom requests are always welcome.

Using our Impact Plus System™, we first identify your needs, then suggest the correct materials, messages and pictographs to convey the proper safety or warning information. In order to provide the best service to you, Designer Decal continues to enhance our processes, working with you to understand your requirements, and consistently produce the best graphics for you.

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Safety Decals are decals used to communicate a potential hazard. The safety decal is there for everyone to understand there is a level of risk. This will give a measure of protection to keep the public from exposure to something that causes health or bodily harm.

Warning Decals are indicators of a hazardous situation that could result in death or serious injury if not avoided. Warning decals should be used to prevent personal bodily or property hazards.

Safety Tags are one of the most popular ways to inform the public or employees of possible hazards in the work place or in the field. Tags are available in any color or color combination. Tags come in a variety of sizes, shapes, finishes and materials. The tag materials are as simple as a Tyvek material through heavy-duty rigid vinyl. Tear-resistant synthetic material is the most common material used for tags. The tag material differs in thickness depending on your specific need or requirement, meeting all ANSI and OSHA standards for pull test and weather fastness.

Aluminum Signs are one of the most common materials for independent signs. They hold up well in all weather conditions. Aluminum signs come in a variety of thicknesses from .020-.125. The thinner the aluminum sign is, the easier it is to form the metal around an object. The thicker materials .063 up to .125 gauge allow the sign to be free standing and hold up to most things Mother Nature can throw at it. Aluminum signs are available in raw aluminum, white baked enamel or anodized finishes. We can finish the aluminum signs with a variety of materials, depending on what your final expectation is and how you need to have the sign work.

Security Signs and Decals are an intricate part of the working world. In today’s society you need to inform and warn the public of potential security risks to property or person. Security signs and decals are used to protect against theft. Security decals can be as small as a micro dot or as big as the side of a building.

Fire Extinguisher Decals are essential in emergency situations where time is critical and cannot be wasted searching for emergency equipment. Our fire extinguisher labels come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials. Choose from standard, instructional or bilingual messages.

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