Giving Back to the Community

By: Cindy Stover

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This past summer it was time to upgrade one of our digital presses. Instead of selling the machine to one of our competitors, or scrapping it, we decided to give it to one of our local schools, Mt. Spokane High School. The school is an existing client of ours, as well as all of my kids have attended this high school through the years.

When we offered the printer, we also agreed to set up the machine and give some initial training to get them started. We also got them connected with a material provider so that they can purchase the necessary substrates to continue printing. The school did need to purchase the software to run the printer, but that was a small investment that they were willing to make. The principal, Mr. Preston, was super excited to receive this printer. Now they will be able to print their own banners for pep rallies or for upcoming events.

As I attended the football games this year, Mr. Preston would still come up to me and express his gratitude for the gift. He has also been recommending us to all the other schools in the district for any printing needs that they may have. Referrals are the greatest source of business that anyone could ask for.

This was just one way that we like to give back to the community.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Very cool.

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