Vehicle Graphics

Looking for a great way to attract more customers? Vehicle graphics are the most cost-effective way to get noticed. A vehicle graphic should give a lasting impression of who you are and what you do. These rolling billboards are becoming a huge part of successful marketing campaigns all over the world.

At Designer Decal we really listen to our clients to assess their needs and what it is they do. We don’t believe that louder is better. Depending on what you are trying to promote, you may not need a full vehicle wrap. Our dedicated team is ready to consult with you and help you determine the most efficient way to get your message out to your customers.

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Fleet Graphics: We work with thousands of clients and know that each is unique. Whether you have two vehicles in your fleet or thousands, we can take care of your fleet graphic needs. Being a specialist in fleet graphics means that we know how to ensure that your brand is consistently displayed whether your fleet is the same type of vehicle or varied.

Car Wraps: Want to get noticed or have a promotion you’re trying to display? Car wraps are an effective way to get attention for your business. We create solutions for you that get you noticed and let your customers know who and what you do.

Fleet Wraps: More commonly known as box truck wraps or trailer wraps. You could have a fleet of cars, vans, and scooters. With our ability to install anywhere in the country with our certified installers and project management teams we’re able to coordinate this anywhere you may have equipment.

Cut Vinyl Lettering: This solution costs less than a full wrap but still offers many colors to choose from. A great, inexpensive way to get noticed.

Emergency Vehicles: Designer Decal works with many different police and fire departments throughout the country. We use only 3M 680 reflective vinyls so you get the reflectivity you need with a product that lasts.

A vehicle graphic can do so many things for your company. Choosing the right colors, just the right amount of text, and, of course, your digital image if so desired. We have come up with a number of solutions to help you decide on what may be the best option for you. With our Impact Plus System™ we are able to learn exactly what it is you’re looking for.

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